SeedCodec is a collection of compression and decompression routines for standard seismic data formats in Java. The goal is to support all the formats available within seed, but submissions from the broader community are needed to accomplish this.

The current supported formats are Steim1 (compression and decompression), steim2 (decompression only), DWSSN, CDSN, SRO and the simple float, int, double, short and 24 bit types. These are only the decompression routines, and are independent of a particular file type. In particurlar, other than focusing on the data compression algorithms defined as defined in SEED, there is no direct connection to with SEED or miniSEED.

The developer page for seedCodec is now hosted at

To Decompress use the Codec.decompress method. For eample:

int compression = Codec.STEIM1;
byte[] values = ...
int num_points = ...
boolean byte_order = false;
DecompressedData decomp = codec.decompress(compression,


the distribution can be downloaded here:

If you have any comments, please email us. .