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Lakes Jocassee and Keowee in 1997

Lake Jocassee

Seismicity at Lake Jocassee continued at a low level during 1997. Of the twenty-one located events recorded by the Jocassee sub-network, eighteen events were located near Lake Jocassee. The events were scattered around Lake Jocassee and located at depths generally less than 5.0 km. The earthquake locations in the vicinity of Lake Keowee are not considered to be very accurate because of the sparsity of stations. The locations are based primarily on data recorded at stations near Lake Jocassee. The montly distribution of earthquakes recorded and located using the Lake Jocassee sub-network is given in the following graph.

More detailed analyses of seismicity are given in quarterly reports to Duke Engineering and Services, Inc., (Talwani and Chen, 1997 a, b, c) and Talwani et al, (1998).

Lake Keowee

In 1997 three earthquakes were recorded around Lake Keowee. They were located in the lake and the M 1.9 event on October 16, 1997 was the largest.


Station Listings and Detailed Map of Lakes Jocassee and Keowee

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