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Earthquakes in 1997

In 1997 there was a marked increase in the seismicity near Monticello Reservoir, continued low level seismicity in the Middleton Place Summerville Seismic Zone (MPSSZ) and near Lakes Jocassee and Keowee. The sharp increase in seismicity at Monticello started in the middle of December 1996 and continued all through 1997. Over 200 events with magnitude less than 2.0 were located in the vicinity of Monticello Reservoir. However, the largest earthquake (ML 2.5) occurred in the MPSSZ on November 26, 1997. The largest event near Lake Keowee (M 1.9) occurred on October 16, 1997. Two felt events occurred outside the MPSSZ and the reservoir area. One ML 2.3 event was felt near Bowman and the other was felt on the Savannah River Site.

Map of South Carolina earthquakes in 1997
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Earthquakes in 1997

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