Warning: This page is no longer maintained and is preserved for historical purposes.

Stations of the Monticello Reservoir

StationLatitude NLongitude W Elevation Meters
JSC34 16.9081 15.62160
MR0134 19.9181 17.74131
MR0234 11.5881 13.8184
MR0534 16.0581 20.05103
MR0734 22.3281 19.50134
MR1034 20.1881 20.25137

The Monticello Reservoir has been a prime study area for reservoir induced seismicity (RIS) since it's impoundment in 1978. In the first six months, there were over 1,000 events located in and around the lake.
After a peroid of inactivity, the seismic activity has once again increased with over 500 events being recorded since 1995.

Originally constructed by South Carolina Electric & Gas, the reservoir serves as the cooling pond for the V.C. Summer Nuclear Power Station and the headwater for the Fairfield Pumped Storage facility.


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